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Forty Pence Each or Two for a Pound

Forty Pence Each or Two for a Pound
Author: Danielle Bartram
Publisher: Crown House Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1785832948
Pages: 192
Year: 2017-11-23
View: 528
Read: 826

In Forty Pence Each or Two for a Pound: Making Maths Memorable, Accessible and Relevant, Danielle Bartram shares a wealth of practical resources and ideas to help teachers develop a whole-school commitment to, and enthusiasm for, improving numeracy. How many times have you heard someone say they ‘can’t do maths’? This attitude and acceptance of it appears to be endemic, but being bad at maths – or excusing innumeracy as maths-phobia – can no longer be tolerated. Danielle Bartram, of Miss B’s Resources fame, has made it her mission to remedy this issue and believes that learners should have a basic concept of number and problem solving in order to stop them being ripped off by companies when purchasing items, insurance or moving energy suppliers later on in life. For this reason, she has specifically designed Forty Pence Each or Two for a Pound to give the teaching and learning of numeracy a firm foundation in everyday contextual settings so that students can transfer the logical and functioning skills inherent in mathematical understanding to real-world contexts. With the new Ofsted criteria focus on numeracy, all teachers will want to develop their maths teaching practice. Forty Pence Each or Two for a Pound contains plenty of ideas to help teachers of all subject specialisms to do just that, and tackles students’ maths-phobia head on by providing an invaluable collection of 31 ready-to-use activities and resources to improve their enthusiasm for, and confidence in, the applied use of maths. Danielle has achieved this by shifting away from a prescribed list of maths-teaching techniques and instead presents a treasure trove of exciting, lesson-ready ideas held together by six numeracy links – number, functional skills, graphs and statistics, problem solving, shapes and measures, and formulae and equations – that can be embedded across the full curriculum. The 31 resources are tagged with their relevant numeracy links to indicate the mathematical territory covered (e.g. graphs and statistics), and are also divided into six categories – literacy, exploration, engagement, classroom management, marking and reflection, and organisation and presentation – for ease of identification while flicking through the book. Danielle complements each activity with useful mathematical pointers, such as the language to be used and the numerical concepts that students often struggle with or have misconceptions about, and has made all of the resources available as PDF downloads from her Miss B’s Resources website via a specific link provided in the book. Beyond the more practical provision of strategies and resources, Forty Pence Each or Two for a Pound also offers expert guidance on the shaping of numeracy coordination across the school and presents example audit grids to serve as an outline of how students’ progress with each numeracy link can be monitored. Suitable for numeracy coordinators and teachers of all subjects, in both primary and secondary settings, who want to embed into their lessons the numeracy skills that their students will need in everyday life. Contents include: Chapter 1 – What is Numeracy?; Chapter 2 – Numeracy4All Chain; Chapter 3 – Breaking Up the Journey; Chapter 4 – Numeracy Links; Chapter 5 – Subject Knowledge; Chapter 6 – The 31 Prime Resources and Ideas; Chapter 7 – Enthusiasm.

Geometry Snacks

Geometry Snacks
Author: Ed Southall
Publisher: Tarquin
ISBN: 1911093711
Pages: 94
Year: 2018-11-30
View: 978
Read: 809

Geometry Snacks is a mathematical puzzle book filled with geometrical figures and questions designed to challenge, confuse and ultimately enlighten enthusiasts of all ages.

The Magic of Pineapples

The Magic of Pineapples
Author: William Emeny
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1482545306
Pages: 192
Year: 2013-04-12
View: 1144
Read: 295

"It is impossible to claim that mathematics is boring after reading this wonderful book. I will also never look at a pineapple in the same way again. A must read for the curious minds of students and adults alike."- Craig Barton, TES Mathematics Advisor Ever wondered why some people say mathematics is beautiful? After reading The Magic of Pineapples you'll agree with them! Using simple mathematics that school kids can understand, The Magic of Pineapples takes you on an amazing journey that dazzles you with all the beautiful mathematics in the world around you. How are children's puzzles and patterns based on infinity related? What are the similarities in the mathematics behind the shape of tropical storms and how pineapples grow? Why is much of internet security built on one of the great unsolved problems in mathematics? The Magic of Pineapples explores all these questions and more, finding unexpected links and fascinating revelations. You don't need to be great at mathematics to read and enjoy this book; you just need a mind open to the exploration of intriguing ideas. You'll never see the world the same again. You may even say mathematics is beautiful...

Mathematics for Dyslexics and Dyscalculics

Mathematics for Dyslexics and Dyscalculics
Author: Steve Chinn, Richard Edmund Ashcroft
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119159970
Pages: 360
Year: 2017-01-18
View: 442
Read: 730

A seminal handbook in the field for more than 20 years, this new and updated edition of Mathematics for Dyslexicsand Dyscalculics contains the latest research and best practices for helping learners with numerical and mathematical difficulties. Provides a complete overview of theory and research in the fields of dyslexia and dyscalculia, along with detailed yet pragmatic methods to apply in the classroom Contains enhanced coverage of place value and the role of the decimal point, why fractions can challenge a developed logic for arithmetic, and the complexity of time along with new material on addressing anxiety, fear, motivation, and resilience in the classroom; and links to new resources including standardized tests and recommended reading lists Written by two mathematics teachers with 50 years of teaching experience between them, much of it in specialist settings for students with specific learning difficulties Offers effective teaching strategies for learners of all ages in a structured but accessible format

Making a Living in the Middle Ages

Making a Living in the Middle Ages
Author: Christopher Dyer
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300167075
Pages: 424
Year: 2003-08-11
View: 829
Read: 155

Dramatic social and economic change during the middle ages altered the lives of the people of Britain in far-reaching ways, from the structure of their families to the ways they made their livings. In this masterly book, preeminent medieval historian Christopher Dyer presents a fresh view of the British economy from the ninth to the sixteenth century and a vivid new account of medieval life. He begins his volume with the formation of towns and villages in the ninth and tenth centuries and ends with the inflation, population rise, and colonial expansion of the sixteenth century. This is a book about ideas and attitudes as well as the material world, and Dyer shows how people regarded the economy and responded to economic change. He examines the growth of towns, the clearing of lands, the Great Famine, the Black Death, and the upheavals of the fifteenth century through the eyes of those who experienced them. He also explores the dilemmas and decisions of those who were making a living in a changing world—from peasants, artisans, and wage earners to barons and monks. Drawing on archaeological and landscape evidence along with more conventional archives and records, the author offers here an engaging survey of British medieval economic history unrivaled in breadth and clarity.

How I Wish I'd Taught Maths

How I Wish I'd Taught Maths
Author: Craig Barton
Publisher: John Catt Educational
ISBN: 1911382497
Pages: 452
Year: 2018
View: 423
Read: 1294

Craig Barton is one of the world's most respected teachers of mathematics. In his remarkable new book, he explains how he has delved into the world of academic research and emerged with a range of simple, practical, effective strategies to save time and energy and have a positive impact on the long-term learning and enjoyment of students.

Practical CSS3

Practical CSS3
Author: Chris Mills
Publisher: Peachpit Press
ISBN: 0321823729
Pages: 327
Year: 2012-07-01
View: 973
Read: 1324

Provides information on using CSS3 to build user interfaces, covering such topics as templates, fonts and text, animated effects, icons, layout, and adaptive design.


Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062316109
Pages: 464
Year: 2015-02-10
View: 967
Read: 669

New York Times Bestseller A Summer Reading Pick for President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg From a renowned historian comes a groundbreaking narrative of humanity’s creation and evolution—a #1 international bestseller—that explores the ways in which biology and history have defined us and enhanced our understanding of what it means to be “human.” One hundred thousand years ago, at least six different species of humans inhabited Earth. Yet today there is only one—homo sapiens. What happened to the others? And what may happen to us? Most books about the history of humanity pursue either a historical or a biological approach, but Dr. Yuval Noah Harari breaks the mold with this highly original book that begins about 70,000 years ago with the appearance of modern cognition. From examining the role evolving humans have played in the global ecosystem to charting the rise of empires, Sapiens integrates history and science to reconsider accepted narratives, connect past developments with contemporary concerns, and examine specific events within the context of larger ideas. Dr. Harari also compels us to look ahead, because over the last few decades humans have begun to bend laws of natural selection that have governed life for the past four billion years. We are acquiring the ability to design not only the world around us, but also ourselves. Where is this leading us, and what do we want to become? Featuring 27 photographs, 6 maps, and 25 illustrations/diagrams, this provocative and insightful work is sure to spark debate and is essential reading for aficionados of Jared Diamond, James Gleick, Matt Ridley, Robert Wright, and Sharon Moalem.

Learning to Love Math

Learning to Love Math
Author: Judy Willis
Publisher: Assn for Supervision & Curriculum
ISBN: 1416610367
Pages: 195
Year: 2010
View: 768
Read: 728

Is there a way to get students to love math? Dr. Judy Willis responds with an emphatic yes in this informative guide to getting better results in math class. Tapping into abundant research on how the brain works, Willis presents a practical approach for how we can improve academic results by demonstrating certain behaviors and teaching students in a way that minimizes negativity. With a straightforward and accessible style, Willis shares the knowledge and experience she has gained through her dual careers as a math teacher and a neurologist. In addition to learning basic brain anatomy and function, readers will learn how to * Improve deep-seated negative attitudes toward math. * Plan lessons with the goal of "achievable challenge" in mind. * Reduce mistake anxiety with techniques such as errorless math and estimation. * Teach to different individual learning strengths and skill levels. * Spark motivation. * Relate math to students' personal interests and goals. * Support students in setting short-term and long-term goals. * Convince students that they can change their intelligence. With dozens of strategies teachers can use right now, Learning to Love Math puts the power of research directly into the hands of educators. A Brain Owner's Manual, which dives deeper into the structure and function of the brain, is also included--providing a clear explanation of how memories are formed and how skills are learned. With informed teachers guiding them, students will discover that they can build a better brain . . . and learn to love math!

Yes, But Why? Teaching for Understanding in Mathematics

Yes, But Why? Teaching for Understanding in Mathematics
Author: Ed Southall
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 152641242X
Pages: 336
Year: 2017-02-25
View: 618
Read: 492

This book sheds light on the hidden connections between everything in mathematics at school so teachers can explain it while fully understanding it themselves.

The Perfect Maths Lesson

The Perfect Maths Lesson
Author: Ian Loynd
Publisher: Crown House Publishing
ISBN: 1781352003
Pages: 128
Year: 2014-06-26
View: 156
Read: 1094

The Perfect (Ofsted) Maths Lesson recognises that teaching is hard and that, although no teacher is perfect, their lessons can be. Drawing on his experience as a secondary maths teacher and assistant head teacher Ian Loynd provides practical ideas and common-sense methods that can help every teacher to be outstanding, and uncovers the essential strategies that help teachers appear to walk on water.

A Course of Pure Mathematics

A Course of Pure Mathematics
Author: Godfrey Harold Hardy
Pages: 428
Year: 1908
View: 1260
Read: 398

Visible Maths

Visible Maths
Author: Peter Mattock
ISBN: 1785833502
Pages: 200
Year: 2019-02-28
View: 629
Read: 346

Visible Maths supports maths teachers in the use of concrete and pictorial representations to illuminate key mathematical ideas and concepts. Viewing the maths lesson as an opportunity for pupils to develop a deep understanding of the concepts and relationships in maths, rather than to simply learn how to follow algorithms and processes that lead to "the answer", is increasingly recognised as the pinnacle of best practice in maths education. In this book Peter Mattock explores this approach in detail: focusing on the representations and structures that illustrate and elucidate key mathematical ideas, demonstrating their strengths in developing conceptual understanding, and exposing the potential pitfalls of their use and how to avoid them. Covering number lines, proportion diagrams, ordered pair graphs, the bar model and many other means of representation, Visible Maths maps out for teachers the maths mastery journey that will take their pupils' learning to the next level.

Introduction to Information Retrieval

Introduction to Information Retrieval
Author: Christopher D. Manning, Prabhakar Raghavan, Hinrich Schütze
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139472100
Year: 2008-07-07
View: 340
Read: 1270

Class-tested and coherent, this textbook teaches classical and web information retrieval, including web search and the related areas of text classification and text clustering from basic concepts. It gives an up-to-date treatment of all aspects of the design and implementation of systems for gathering, indexing, and searching documents; methods for evaluating systems; and an introduction to the use of machine learning methods on text collections. All the important ideas are explained using examples and figures, making it perfect for introductory courses in information retrieval for advanced undergraduates and graduate students in computer science. Based on feedback from extensive classroom experience, the book has been carefully structured in order to make teaching more natural and effective. Slides and additional exercises (with solutions for lecturers) are also available through the book's supporting website to help course instructors prepare their lectures.

The Transport System and Transport Policy

The Transport System and Transport Policy
Author: Bert van Wee, Jan Anne Annema, David Banister
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 0857936905
Pages: 399
Year: 2013
View: 1060
Read: 706

ÔThis very interesting book provides an excellent multi-disciplinary introduction into the functioning of transport systems and the interaction with their environments.Õ Ð Erik Verhoef, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands ÔThe editors of this important book have clearly identified that few writings on transport treat the transport system as a whole. Implicit in this is a need for a genuinely multidisciplinary approach. An impressive list of contributors ensures that the book draws on the latest research whilst providing new insights into some of the key challenges facing transport students and researchers, transport providers and policy makers.Õ Ð Roger Vickerman, University of Kent, UK ÔSince ancient times transportation has brought our world together. But the need for connectivity and accessibility in a spatially differentiated world has prompted the emergence of very complex transportation systems. This book offers a fresh and operational contribution to a better understanding of the complexity and manageability of a mobile world, by addressing in a balanced way both conceptual and applied or policy aspects of modern transportation systems.Õ Ð Peter Nijkamp, Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands Transport impacts on people and businesses in many different ways, and presents some of the key problems that decision-makers need to address. This comprehensive textbook introduces the transport system in a holistic and multidisciplinary way, bringing together the myriad components of transport. This textbook is written for an international readership of undergraduate and postgraduate students in transport and related subjects, as well as for professionals and policy decision-makers across both public and private sectors. Key features include: ¥ Discussion of the importance of transport accessibility and the impacts of transport on the environment and safety ¥ Policy issues relating to all of the discussed issues and prescribed future options. ¥ Transport evaluation methods and modelling approaches. ¥ Examples to highlight the linkages between components of the transport system Ð for example infrastructures, land-use, vehicle technologies Ð and the relevance of these linkages for decision making.

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